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Last night (Wednesday April 30, 2008), our small family of 4 headed out to have a quick dinner and then over to Baskin Robbins for $0.31 ice cream. As per usual, we couldn’t decide where to eat, and then I remembered reading an article about Iowa Castle in the Des Moines Register. It was close, [...]

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Josh has been BEGGING to tell everyone something!

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Seth turns 30! Download iPod format

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Tonight, I broke into a cold sweat. I went to read an article through slashdot about the first programming language I learned in college (Scheme) when suddenly, the unthinkable happened! SLASHDOT WAS BROKEN! Chris P. tried it too and reported the same thing. Luckily, as of a few minutes ago, The Slash followed by the [...]

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Some outtakes from fireworks at Andy’s in Ohio! Download iPod format

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This is a funny video I put together for a friend. It’s a video of a friend of my friend put to an appropriate song Also in mp4

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A couple days ago, my dad passed away. We’re going to miss him, but he’s in heaven now! The last month of his life have been chronicled by my sister Jennifer. His obituary was published in the Muscatine Journal. I hope that my son Joshua will love me as much as I love my dad.

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Hello! Long time no see It’s only been about 3 years since I last posted here. I post here in my free time, so you might be able to figure out why I haven’t posted in sooooo long! I wanted to share my new project with you. Well, Joshua isn’t really a project. He’s amazing!

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I couldn’t resist the impulse buy! Crissy pointed this one out to me in the store. For the potential defamation lawsuit itself, it was a must buy! I’m sure it will be a collector’s item. The only question now: Should I open the package and play the games or leave it in the shrink wrap???

Written By: Tom on March 12, 2002 473 Comments

Tonight we bought a vacuum from a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman! It was his 3rd sale ever! The sales-manager (“the guy on the phone”) thought that it was his first. We got a really good deal. I’m such a softie for door-to-door people. We bought a TriStar EXL. I won’t say how much it cost, [...]

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