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StrengthsFinder 2.0

Written By: Tom on December 11, 2010 No Comment

I took the StrenghsFinder 2.0 assessment today for the office. Pretty interesting results. Part of me says *spot on* while the skeptic in me thinks is a bit like reading a horoscope in the newspaper. The way it works is you buy the book and then take their online assessment consisting of 177 questions each answered under 20 seconds.

My top five themes are: Positivity, Achiever, Ideation, Input, Futuristic. Listed below are what they call my personal strengths insights customized based on my answers.


Instinctively, you are genuinely fascinated with the mystery of life. Your capacity to feel good about yourself does not hinge on having logical or rational explanations for everything. You sense you are part of the lives of other individuals and accept they are part of your existence. This outlook on life probably influences what you say or do for people as well as how you care for the environment. By nature, you feel more favorable toward your studies, job, and life when you are given ample time to identify recurring or predictable combinations of numbers in data. Because of your strengths, you freely give of yourself. You are eager to share what you possess and know. This includes, but is not limited to, tangible objects, money, ideas, skills, knowledge, food, shelter, and time. Chances are good that you spark the interests of others with your keen wit and sociable nature. You can quickly establish an easy rapport with individuals by telling a joke, smiling, introducing yourself, or giving a compliment. You recognize that laughter is a universal language. It’s very likely that you probably have a reputation for making individuals as well as entire groups smile and laugh. When difficulties arise, you often tell comical stories and light-hearted jokes. To cheer people up, you can reenact amusing situations or make funny faces.

Chances are good that you conduct yourself in a proper, ethical, legal, and upright manner to avoid feeling you have done something wrong. You truly regret making a mistake, violating a rule, breaking a trust, or producing poor results. You set high standards for yourself in various areas of your life. Because of your strengths, you tend to be a very good adviser to many individuals. When offering suggestions or asking questions, you probably are much more engaged, intense, and involved than usual. Instinctively, you often go out of your way to stay informed about newsworthy topics. Numerous people probably count on you to tell them about information updates, due dates, meeting changes, or special assignments. By nature, you may be able to concentrate on one subject for extended periods of time. This partially explains why you understand the inner workings of particular plans, projects, policies, or processes. Perhaps the knowledge you acquire permits you to figure out the reasons why something does or does not function properly. It’s very likely that you set very high expectations for yourself. Typically you push yourself until you reach your goals. You are not content unless you deliver the best performance or produce the most outstanding results.

Chances are good that you might welcome opportunities to exchange new theories, innovative thoughts, or intriguing concepts. Sometimes the original thinking of individuals stimulates your creativity. By nature, you sometimes are aware of the views specific people have of you. This partially explains why you keep expanding your vocabulary to include elaborate terminology and complicated words. You might argue that your use of language causes certain individuals to think well of you. Because of your strengths, you occasionally generate novel ideas for campaigns, business ventures, initiatives, or special events. Driven by your talents, you might be the person who shares the most innovative ideas during brainstorming sessions. Perhaps knowing this about yourself inspires you to be even more prepared for meetings, activities, conversations, or debates. Instinctively, you often experience satisfaction with your life when someone asks you to scrutinize, assess, examine, or evaluate things such as people, processes, plans, or mechanisms.

By nature, you might enjoy discovering complicated words and committing their meanings to memory. Maybe you are pleased to add a few uncommon terms to your vocabulary. Possibly few things please you more than showcasing bits and pieces of your newfound vocabulary in conversations, discussions, or presentations. Perhaps you are taken aback — that is, surprised and confused — if some people feel threatened by your command of language. Chances are good that you can simplify the most complex, convoluted, or intricate procedure. People usually rely on you to offer clear and easy-to-comprehend explanations. It’s very likely that you are more interested in gathering ideas, theories, or concepts during conversations with intelligent people than you are in being well known or famous. You tend to be most satisfied when your mind is absorbing thoughts you have never before considered. In addition, you enjoy broadening the thinking of others. Instinctively, you may be able to compel some individuals or groups to move into action by using official-sounding words. Your extensive vocabulary might contain hard-to-understand terminology that sets you apart. Perhaps you speak with an air of authority that you fail to hear. So, if you display impatience and say, “Let’s get started right now!” people might refrain from questioning your order. Driven by your talents, you genuinely feel better about life when you can take the mystery out of complicated procedures. Often you outline in detail the steps to understand exactly what is happening and why.

By nature, you sometimes trust your ability to be an innovative thinker. You might invent several ways to reach a particular goal. Perhaps your next step is to narrow down your options to the best one. Sometimes you take into consideration prevailing circumstances, available resources, budgetary constraints, or pressing deadlines. Instinctively, you are energized by your plans for the coming months, years, or decades. Bringing your ideas to life is an exciting proposition for you. You sense you have the power to transform whatever you think is possible into tangible outcomes. Because of your strengths, you are enthusiastic about the future because visionaries describe it so clearly. Their ideas for products, medicines, or inventions generally increase your determination to do whatever you can to breathe life into their dreams. It’s very likely that you may perceive that you have an ability to create vivid word pictures to describe the future. You may inspire people with your images of what can be. Perhaps individuals appreciate your forward thinking. They might want or need to hear from you more often. Chances are good that you treasure the one-on-one conversations you have with visionary thinkers. Their ideas can force you to expand on your plans for the future.

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