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Iowa Castle, I *FEEL* Cheated

Written By: Tom on May 1, 2008 One Comment

Last night (Wednesday April 30, 2008), our small family of 4 headed out to have a quick dinner and then over to Baskin Robbins for $0.31 ice cream. As per usual, we couldn’t decide where to eat, and then I remembered reading an article about Iowa Castle in the Des Moines Register. It was close, so we ventured over.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by a big sign on the window that read “10% OFF Dine in Only”. I thought, “Sweet, a discount just for eating here!” We ordered our meals (Crissy – #2 $4.99, Tom – #9 $5.99, Josh – Kids Nuggets $2.99 w/milk). We were charged $15.86, I thought nothing of it, sat down and proceeded to eat our meals. While sitting there eating, I thought to myself, gosh, for 10% off, it seems that we might have over paid a little bit. My math said $4.99 + $5.99 + 2.99+6% tax = $14.81 right? No one was at the counter (actually there was practically no one in the restaurant at all) so I thought I’d ask what the deal was. The guy explained to me that you only get 10% off if you have some special “VIP” card which he offered to me for future visits, and since I we ordered milk with the kids meal instead of pop it was an extra $0.99 charge. At that point, I accepted the answered and sat down to finish my meal. When Crissy finished her meal, she looked down at the placemat and read that on Wednesdays, for each combo meal purchased, receive $0.50 off a kids meal. At that point, I noticed that there was another window display on the other side of the building that said, “Kid’s Nite each Wednesday”. I decided at that point that I had given the establishment an opportunity to right any wrongs on pricing so I wasn’t about to re-approach the cashier about the kids night deal. Instead I thought I’d post it here and say to the world, “HEY IOWA CASTLE, I FEEL CHEATED!” It’s entirely possible that I was charged appropriately. It’s possible that a little carton of milk was $1.49 OVER the cost of a pop. It’s also possible that straight up, milk is $0.99 and they owe me a kids size pop because I apparently purchased both.

In summary, we went to Iowa Castle last night for dinner, paid $15.86 and I feel that we should have paid somewhere between $12.85 and $15.33.

Best Case: Kids Nite, 10% off, and no extra charge for milk on a kids meal (like the rest of the world)
($2.99 + $4.99 + $5.99 – $0.50) * 0.9 * 1.06 = $12.85

Allow only 1 discount (with and without extra milk charge):
($2.99 + $4.99 + $5.99 – $0.50) * 1.06 = $14.28
($2.99 + $4.99 + $5.99 – $0.50 + $0.99) * 1.06 = $15.33
($2.99 + $4.99 + $5.99) * 0.9 * 1.06 = $13.33
($2.99 + $4.99 + $5.99 + $0.99) * 0.9 * 1.06 = $14.27

There may be more combinations, but those are the scenarios I came up with. I know I’m being silly, but I am a bit ticked off at being misled (either intentionally or not) as to “deals” at this restaurant.

I’ll end on a positive note. The food was great, and I may even decide to eat there again.

On an even better note, Baskin Robbins was awesome. Josh, Crissy and I had ice cream cones and the total bill was $0.99!

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